Our tendency towards innovation and modernity has never distanced us from any historic and traditional interpretation of wine. Our patient and meticulous researches have always been directed to the past as much as to the future; on the one hand profoundly linked to the oldest Sicilian traditions of wine making with its heritage of indigenous varieties, and on the other an interest in those international grape vines which are best adapted to these territories, without neglecting the most vigorous and imaginative investigations into other varieties.

The heart of our history

Between the Ulmo and Dispensa estates the history of our company began in 1995. We planted the first vineyards for Chardonnay at Ulmo, a few metres from Lake Arancio and from the 16th century farmhouse owned by the family for seventeen generations. Dispensa, hidden among the hills, is today the centre of all our activities, with two wineries where most of our wine is produced.

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The red soil of cerasuolo

In addition to visits to the winery and discovery of the world linked to Cerasuolo di Vittoria, the Dorilli estate is ready to welcome you for a stay in the rooms of the old farm house, renovated in keeping with its identity as a noble country residence.


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The land of "Buonivini"

We arrived at Noto in 1998, founding our estate in the district which coincidentally has always been called ‘Buonivini’. We wanted to produce Nero d’Avola in its country of origin and thus was born our Santa Cecilia, produced here together with Moscato di Noto. To reduce our impact on the countryside, we wanted an ‘invisible’ winery, hidden among the natural slope of the hills, which perfectly blends technical and architectural requirements.

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The shadow of the great volcano

In 2008, after much searching for the best place for our vineyards on the north slope of Etna, we planted the first Nerello and Carricante vines. And in 2012, among the black rocks and the woods which surround Passopisciaro, we built the Feudo di Mezzo winery. Also here the architectural project is perfectly integrated in the landscape, at the centre of a real stone garden originating from a lava flow of 1566.

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A place on the sea

La Baronia, where we inaugurated the winery in 2015, is our smallest estate but its 8 hectares of vineyard are full of meaning, of memory and of ideas. We chose to conclude our journey at Capo Milazzo in order to produce Mamertino once more, the wine loved by Julius Caesar. And this project is today the symbol of our idea of sustainable viticulture, from production, environmental and social aspects.

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Capo Milazzo

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