If a winemaker does not go home and read a book after finishing his work, he cannot make good wine.

This conviction has always co-existed with our lifestyle; we chose to be not only promoters but also producers of culture.
Our task in this area lies in the conception and production of a cultural offering that enhances the territories and promotes a variety of awareness and alternative achievement. Our vineyards and wineries become subjects and objects of cultural activity, through the art project Viaggio in Sicilia and the Theatre in the Vineyard which we have established on Etna, both parts of a structured programme in which we maintain constant investment.

Viaggio in Sicilia

Menfi, Vittoria, Noto, Etna, Capo Milazzo. Our Viaggio in Sicilia, not a random route and strongly linked to the diversity of landscape, the winds, the character of men and their wines, this project offers not only our interpretation but a glance at art. We host painters, photographers and writers, Italians and foreigners, and guide them through the districts that we have chosen for our vines and their wineries, during the harvest. We leave them the freedom to describe them with their pictures and emotions, capturing the spirit of each place. At the end of each journey we welcome the artists to the house at Ulmo, where they begin their creative work; in the following June all the work appears in an exhibition and one of each of their selected works, in the same spirit, contributes to family collection. It is our way of looking at our land, always with new eyes.
Viaggio in Sicilia #8


in the Planeta Winery at Sciaranuova in Passopisciaro (Castiglione di Sicilia), Etna

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Sciaranuova Festival

A natural theatre in the heart of vineyards where the volcano’s wines are produced, joining the world of wine and that of spectacle together. For the first time in Sicily we have transformed the vineyard into a theatre, excavating a stage from what were terraces for the cultivation of vines and exploiting the mountains, lava and ancient pines as scenery.
The theatre lies a short distance from Feudo di Mezzo winery, among the vineyards of Sciara Nuova and the old press carefully restored and now used as the tasting room, which every year hosts the Sciaranuova Festival. The idea of building this natural amphitheatre and investing on our own account in a theatre production, allows us to communicate with another form of art and to found on Etna a specific project of enhancement and cultural significance.

Santa Cecilia in Musica

Con Planeta Santa Cecilia in musica realizziamo l'esperienza dei concerti al tramonto in vigna, grazie alla preziosa collaborazione del maestro Giovanni Bietti.
Il progetto è nato col desiderio di legare a quest’arte la tenuta di Noto, dove nasce il Nero d’Avola Santa Cecilia che porta il nome della nostra famiglia e della patrona della Musica.