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Ab Insula is a collection of emotions experienced by Planeta, which from now on turns into a small, extraordinary catalogue, unlike any other.

Ab Insula, literally ‘from the Island’, where by island we mean that micro-continent going by the name of Sicily, for three centuries our workplace in agriculture.

Since wine has become the heart of our family’s agricultural activities in recent decades, we have explored the island almost inch by inch: Ab Insula is nothing more than a compendium of the most surprising encounters we have had in recent years.

Alongside our production, today we are also engaged in the distribution of local products that share first and foremost two common denominators: they draw their uniqueness from beauty and are the result of the work and vision of extraordinary people.



Serra Ferdinandea is a unique place, overflowing with the energy of reveries. A vineyard of rare beauty, in the middle of scrubland and woods, at an altitude of 400 – 450 meters. It is on the western edge of the Sicanian Mountains, in the area between Sciacca and Sambuca di Sicilia.

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Castello Solicchiata is a unique project of its kind. The estate, almost inaccessible to visitors,is part of 60 hectares of vineyards, on an overall cultivated land of over 300 terraced hectares. Solicchiata is the largest Greek sapling vineyard in the world carved in the rock.

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